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A regular bowel movements and of periodic colon detoxification, keeps large intestine free of toxin, and no feel of fatigueness, stomach pain etc..
Monday, May 22, 2006

Headache migraines hypertension|acupuncture headache migraine sinus

Sever Headache migraines causes
Herbs for Headaches and Migraines
Migraines and Stress
Migraine Headaches relief and cure

Headache migraines
The worst feeling in the world is when you get a migraine. Many chronic migraines are a symptom of depression. In this case, the body constantly feels tired and the headaches are to inform the person that they aren't well and that they need to slow down a bit. In cases like these, if you are able to reduce your stress levels or reduce the pace of your daily life then the migraines will be become less frequent.

First what is a migraine? A migraine is different than a headache. A headache is slight discomfort and pressure that fills the cranium. A migraine is when you are in so much pain that you cannot function. It disrupts your entire life. It could be caused by many factors that include a nervous system glitch.

The some common migraine triggers are stress, hormone changes, too much sleep, too little steep, diet related, changed is weather, bright lights, caffeine, caffeine withdrawal, smoking, second-hand smoke, high sugar, strong emotions, lack of exercise, drugs, aspartame, too much sodium, nitrates, tyramines, your medications, overuse of aspirin, and strong odors that upset allergies. First, nitrates are found in meats like bacon, cold cuts, and hot dogs. Too much in a small period will affect you by giving you a migraine. You will also want to watch your consumption of pickles or marinated foods, cheeses, and yeast products because they contain tyramines that will trigger a migraine. If you are on any blood thinners or such, be careful because if the blood becomes to thin it will not carry as much oxygen to the brain and cause a migraine to form.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are clearly depressed or have major anxieties you may need to get help controlling your strong emotions that that you don't feel any pain on a daily basis. Everyone will get a migraine every now and then, but it is good to avoid all the triggers and seek help for anything of the triggers that you can't control like depression.

If it is things like depression or your diet you will want to seek medical attention immediately so that you can learn to control the triggers and then lower your change of a migraine. If that doesn't work, but you try your hardest to control your triggers, a doctor can prescribe medication so that you can have immediate pain relief when you are bothered by a migraine.

Migraines are not something that you should learn to deal with. Rather you have an idea of what could be causing it or not, go seek the attention of a medical doctor. That way they can rule out an nervous system failures and find the true reason behind your pain.

Herbs for Headaches and Migraines
Herbalists tend to regard the headache as a symptom of some underlying disorder rather than an illness in its own right. Those that seem centered behind the eyes suggest a digestive disturbance while headaches that seem to start at the back of the neck and creep forward are generally tension headaches. Pain and sensitivity around the eyes or above the nose can be due to a sinus problem.

Muscle strain in the shoulders and neck can also contribute to head pain. Sitting or working awkwardly hunched over a desk or computer keyboard can easily lead to headaches. Massage neck and shoulders with a mixture of 5 drops each of thyme, lavender, and juniper oil in 1 tablespoon of almond oil.

Take a 600 mg tablet of Siberian ginseng each day to improve stress tolerance and thus reduce the risk of tension headaches and try yoga or t'ai chi classes to improve relaxation skills.

Some sorts of headaches are best relieved by a hot towel on the head in these cases use a massage of 10 drops of rosemary oil to 1 teaspoon of almond oil on the temples and forehead.

Migraine is typically preceded by visual disturbances jagged lights to the edge of the visual field or a sense that there is a strange out of focus area in what one sees. Occasionally the attack may simply comprise these visual upsets, although more typically a severe headache will follow, with increased sensitivity to light so that sufferers want simply to lie down in a dark room. Migraines can be associated with gastric disturbances or pins and needles in one hand or arm. Foods can often trigger an attack or an attack can be associated with stress or bright sunlight. Flickering lights, as when driving past trees on a bright sunny day, can also trigger an attack.

Many sufferers find that chewing feverfew leaves can help prevent attacks. Try two to three leaves in a daily sandwich or else use a strong lavender oil rub (1 teaspoon of lavender oil with 2 teaspoons of almond oil ) massaged into the temples at the first hint of a migraine. Drink cups of lavender and St. John's wort infusion (1 teaspoon of each to a cup of water) during attacks.

Migraines and Stress
When it comes to choosing the all-time champion of migraine triggers, it all boils down to two contenders and all the others are mere pretenders. Much research has been done into the various triggers of migraine and basically the verdicts have come down squarely into two camps. Many researchers have decided that food and food additives are the main culprit behind triggering migraines. On the other hand, many researchers are adamant that the primary trigger for migraines is stress.

The wisdom concerning eliminating the stress in our lives is hardly relegated to migraine relief. Stress seems to be blamed for just about every ailment experienced in the modern world. The simple, inescapable fact of life is that stress is now and is probably always going to be a daily part of our lives that can never be eliminated. Even the mere reduction of stress levels is difficult. The management of all aspects of life from family to career to raising children to school all offer some kind of stress.

The Most Common Stresses That Trigger Migraines.

Multiple-Role Stress: Females especially must contend with multiple-role stress, the juggling of many responsibilities such as wife, worker and mother.

Workplace Stress: There is no such thing as a stressless job. It doesn't matter whether you're the CEO of a multinational conglomerate or the checkout person at the supermarket, you will be stressed out by your job.

Financial Stress: Not being able to meet bills, not making as much as you want, not making as much as your neighbour; these are all stresses connected with finances. The number one cause of divorce is money issues so it should come as no surprise that worry over finances can trigger migraines.

Caregiver Stress: Women are likely to suffer this stress the most, though more and more men are choosing to become stay at home dads. There are untold riches in being a parent, but it can also be quite taxing and stressful.

All of these stressors individually trigger migraines, but most often it's the combination of all of them working together that cause that explosion inside your head.

The Impact of Mood on Headaches

Personality: A migraine is a disease, not a psychological disorder, and contrary to popular belief the majority of headache patients do not suffer any serious psychological problems. Research from hundreds of studies that have examined the personalities and behaviors of migraine sufferers have delivered no evidence whatever that concludes there is any particular personality type prone to suffering migraines.

Depression: Depression can reduce the body's ability to respond effectively to medication. If your migraine medicine isn't doing the trick, it may be because you suffer from depression. Women in particular are at risk for depression, though the effect is the same on both genders. Depression also occurs more often in migraine patients than in those who don't suffer migraines. Even mild depression can diminish the efficacy of both medical treatment and behavioural treatments such as biofeedback and relaxation methods. Because of the possibility that treatment for migraines could be diminished, therefore, it is highly recommended that you discuss this issue with your doctor who may be better able to select treatments that can effectively relieve symptoms of both headache and depression.

Anxiety: Anxiety is basically a state of nervousness or tension that occurs without any particular reason. Much like depression anxiety can work to lower one's ability to handle stress. Anxiety can also raise the level of pain or lower your tolerance for pain during a headache, which can seriously impair the effectiveness of any medication used to treat headache pain. For some sufferers, it is necessary to treat both the anxiety and the headaches in order to get both under control.


If depression or anxiety are present in a patient with migraine, both disorders need to be treated. It is generally not true that treating the depression will make the headaches go away, or that headache improvement will lead to an improvement in mood. Specific treatment for both migraine and depression exists and will produce the best outcome.

Migraine Headaches relief and cure
Migraine headaches affect millions of individuals around the world. They are extremely painful and hard to bear. Migraines can last anywhere from one hour to three or four days. Within that time, it may literally be impossible for migraine suffers to function properly. Although relief might not come right away, there are many options available that soothe or cure migraine headaches.

A migraine is classified as a serve headache that can often impair one's judgment. When a migraine occurs, suffers regularly experience the following symptoms:

* Headache * Dizziness * Nausea * difficulty seeing

It is not uncommon for migrane suffers to be unable to look at lights or the sun without suffering intense pain. Migrane headache may be brought on by a variety of things. Children and adults are susceptible to migraines, and they often happen unexpectedly. Migraines can be brought on by stress, certain foods, a poor eating habits, or hormones. Migraine headaches are also hereditary, therefore, there are many families may experience migraine headaches at the same time.

The best way to get relief from migraine headaches is by speaking to your physician. If you suspect that you are suffering from migraines, you most likely are, however, many treatment options must first be prescribed by a healthcare professional. There are physicians who specialize in migraines and other head related pains, however, your family physician can often diagnose and offer treatment options for receiving relief from migraine headaches.

Over the counter pain killers are the best available option for getting quick relief from migraine headaches without visiting a physician. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen are common over-the-counter drug medications that are available at most drug or department stores,and they can normally be purchased at a fairly low price. If you regularly suffer from migraine headaches, it may be a good idea to have some of this medication on hand. There are even over the counter medications designed specifically for relief from migraine headaches. It is important to remember that an excessive dosage of these over-the-counter drugs can cause liver or stomach damage. They relieve, but do not cure, your migraine headaches, nor do they preven them from returning. Over-the-counter medications offer temporary relief for your migraine headaches, often until you have been properly examined and treated by a physician.

One of the easiest ways to receive relief from migraine headaches is by sleeping. Although it will not eliminate your pain, rest and relaxation is an effective way to help minimize or reduce the excruciating pain of migraine headaches. If you are able to take a break, laying down or just resting inside a dark, quiet room may allow you to order your thoughts and to reduce your stress levels. Sleeping or resting may offer much needed pain relief from migraine headaches.

If you are unable to control the pain associated with your migraine headaches, it is extremely important that you contact your physician. Beta blockers, along with other medications, offer quick relief from migraine headaches, however, they are only available with a prescription. If you experience migraines, do not suffer any longer than you need to. Contact your physician or healthcare professional for effective ways to receive relief from your migraine headaches.

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