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A regular bowel movements and of periodic colon detoxification, keeps large intestine free of toxin, and no feel of fatigueness, stomach pain etc..
Saturday, June 17, 2006

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Dr. Hull's Detoxification Program
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Information on the best natural colon cleansing & constipation remedies. Provides detailed topics on constipation and colon to help understand the conditions better.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Signs of Dementia, symptoms and treatments

* Signs of Dementia
* What's The Difference Between Alzheimer's and Dementia?
* Treatment For Dementia In Care Facilities or Nursing Homes
* Choices in Dementia Care
* Without Zinc You Are Headed Towards Dementia or Alzheimer's

Signs of Dementia

If you notice someone close to you that is acting on the
offensive all the time, is irritated or disoriented then you
should have them go to a doctor. These are some key signs of

The condition affects a part of your brain, mainly your memory.
For the most part a person with the condition doesn’t even
notice what is happening to them.

If you notice someone with signs of dementia, you should try
and get them to see a medical professional who can do tests and
accurately diagnose the patient. Even if they are reluctant, try
your best to convince them and get them to see a doctor. It
would be better to be on the safe side than sorry.

If someone has dementia they will have a hard time with
remembering tasks, names, places, dates and details. And
usually these signs are ignored and just thought to be signs of
getting older. But it can be the first signs of dementia. You
should be aware of their ability to remember especially when
they just forget something in an instant.

Dementia affects short term memory, allowing them to remember
things that happened in the past, but forget things that just
happened. Look out for those moments, when they just forget
something in an instant.

The next step would be to see changes in the individual’s
behavior. They might be getting angry and frustrated easily
with the simplest tings. And the individual might experience
poor judgment, because of their memory loss. For example they
can leave a child without supervision, because they forgot
about them.

Also, it shouldn’t only be you who keeps an eye on the
individual; it helps if everyone in the family can be aware of
the symptoms and be on the look out. You should do all you can
to help your loved one. Don’t just sit back and watch.

What's The Difference Between Alzheimer's and Dementia?

"What's the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's?" It's a common question, and doctors are some of the best at confusing us. Physicians seem to prefer the word "dementia," possibly because Alzheimer's has become such a loaded word. "Dementia" somehow sounds less frightening to many people, and now even the experts have started using the words interchangeably.

They aren't interchangeable. Alzheimer's Disease and dementia are two very different things.

Dementia is a symptom. Pain is a symptom, and many different injuries and illnesses can cause pain. When you go to the doctor because you hurt, you won't be satisfied if the doctor diagnoses "pain" and sends you home. You want to know what is causing the pain, and how to treat it.

"Dementia" simply means the symptom of a deterioration of intellectual abilities resulting from an unspecified disease or disorder of the brain.

Alzheimer's Disease is one disease/disorder that causes dementia. Many other illnesses or "syndromes" can also cause dementia. Parkinson's Disease can cause dementia. A stroke can cause dementia. Even dehydration can cause dementia.

Many of the things that can cause dementia are treatable, even potentially curable.

If you have taken your elder to the doctor and received a diagnosis of "dementia" you haven't received a diagnosis at all. Unless you know what is causing the dementia you can't begin to treat it's root cause.

If your physician has diagnosed "dementia" it's time for a second opinion. You are probably dealing either with a physician who is not comfortable with the truth, or one who doesn't know how (or doesn't want to bother) to differentiate between all the possible causes of dementia. Either way, a skilled geriatrician or a neurologist who is comfortable with seniors would be a good place to start.

Treatment For Dementia In Care Facilities or Nursing Homes

The loss of mental capacity and abilities is commonly known as dementia, and regularly affects anywhere between five to eight percent of men and women over the age of 65 and between an astounding 25 and 50 percent of men and women over the age of 80.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with this mental disease, know that many patients have had success with several options for treatment for dementia .

Although there are different forms and severities of dementia, the most commonly known one is Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's is usually brought on by mini-strokes or other problems that can dramatically constrict the blood vessels in the brain, thus preventing necessary oxygen from accessing the brain.

Once dementia has been recognized and diagnosed, ensure the patient is immediately started on a plan for treatment for dementia .

The most common treatment for dementia is to provide proper care for the individual in question.

Depending on the level of dementia, the patient may need more care than a spouse, child, or loved one can provide.

In many cases, adults with advanced stages of dementia or Alzheimer's can potentially become dangerous to themselves if they are left to their own devices.

Quite often, adults with advances stages of dementia are harmed when they exit their homes to shop or exercise and are exposed to the elements when they cannot find their way home again.

This happens far too often and, although the family or loved ones are not to blame for these accidents, the immense task of caring for a patient with dementia is often too much for a person to handle.

If you are facing a situation with a loved one, consider looking into a nearby care facility or nursing home.

There are different levels of care available for patients with dementia based on the advancement of the specific case of dementia.

These facilities will ensure the patient receives the proper nutrients on a daily basis, a proper amount of exercise , and the treatments that will prevent his or her dementia from advancing.

Furthermore, these facilities will be able to introduce the dementia patients to other individuals with similar interests.

Choices in Dementia Care

"My mother doesn't remember to turn off the stove." "My husband takes a walk and doesn't always seem to know his way home." "My wife sometimes stops in mid-sentence and can't complete her thought." "My father sometimes forgets who my kids are."

These and many other concerns, indicate the possibility of dementia. Dementia is a slow or progressing decline in mental abilities, such as concentration, staying on task, and memory. Once someone has been diagnosed with dementia, it means that other medical possibilities which may account for the declining abilities have been examined and ruled out. The task is now to figure out how to make choices in dementia care that will provide safety and basic needs in the least restrictive manner, and the least costly way.

One method of caring for a person with dementia is at home. Many American spouses currently care for their husband or wife at home, which can be physically and mentally stressful for the caregiver spouse. Sometimes the adult children help their parents cope with the extra responsibilities. Most people don't like to go out of their homes when they are experiencing some confusion or forgetfulness. They like the routine and familiarity with their home and will become angry and resistant of out-of-home care.

There are many cases in which additional help is brought in. For example, there are many home health and companion agencies which provide paid helpers to take care of the family member with dementia, and also of the spouse. Also, there are products which can be purchased to make the house a safer environment.

Other times, the aging parent or parents move in with their adult children. Relocating, however, can cause stress and irritability, and can even result in reduced mental or cognitive functioning, as the safety and familiarity of the home, and the sense of belonging and ownership is lost.

Adult day care centers are springing up around the nation as an alternative to home based care. These centers provide structured activity and supervision, along with socialization and stimulation, while the spouse and caretakers have relief or go to work. Many participants of such programs get used to the new routine and enjoy the socialization and stimulation, while at the same time continue to return home in the evening.

Assisted living facilities are also a fast growing industry, as nursing homes become cost prohibitive and focus on the most intensively medically needy members of the population. Many assisted living facilities offer quiet and modern appearances, private rooms, all or most meals, and security for dementia care.

As the residents of these facilities age, the assisted living facilities offer increased levels of care to provide an opportunity for "aging in place" and avoid the need to move to a nursing facility. Trips are often provided when a person is able to benefit from and safely attend a trip out of the facility. Group activities are often offered on site as well.

Nursing facilities, or nursing homes, are the most costly and most restrictive outside of hospitals. They provide more intensive medical care, and have historically provided choices in dementia care, including locked units and fenced in yards. Many facilities offered skilled care, and are called skilled nursing facilities or skilled nursing homes. The skilled level of care includes intensive nursing care, physical therapy and other therapies and rehabilitation. Medicare covers some of this care, which takes place after a brief hospitalization, with the hope of recovery and movement to a less restrictive environment.

Unskilled or custodial care in a nursing home is designed for those whose abilities to care for themselves or to receive care at home or in another setting is declining. Examples of these types of nursing home placements include choices in dementia care, long term care for hip fractures, heart failure and other medical conditions that have worsened over time. Medicare does not usually cover the long term placement.

The many choices in dementia care can be overwhelming. Talk to your doctor about where to start. Visit adult day care, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and interview the social workers and admission professionals. Hospital discharge social workers are also a good source of help; their job is to find placements for hospital patients who are being discharged and they know many of the area resources.

In addition, most counties have an office dedicated to consulting for elderly issues, such as the county Area Agency for the Aging (AAA) or there are Geriatric Care Consultants, who you can find in your yellow pages, who will advise you about the choices in dementia care in your community.

Don't be afraid to ask questions about the care and how to finance it; there are many government programs that may help pay the cost.

Without Zinc You Are Headed Towards Dementia or Alzheimer's

Zinc is one of those minerals that have been discovered necessary to hold off the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's. Most older people and those with dementia and other mental disorders have been found to be deficient in zinc. In most studies zinc has been shown to improve mental capacity in elders.

To get zinc into your blood stream you need to have a specific acid that is excreted by the pancreas. This acid is called "picolinic acid" When food containing zinc or zinc supplements reaches the small intestine, duodenum, the pancreas excretes picolinic acid. This acid binds with zinc and moves it across your intestine wall and into the blood stream.

Picolinic acid is created in the liver and kidneys from the amino acid tryptoph. This amino acid then moves into the pancreas. If you have diabetes or if your pancreas is overworked or weak, you will not be excreting enough picolinic acid and will not be providing enough zinc to your brain. You will need to supplement your diet with zinc.

The type of zinc you need is one that is bound with picolinic acid. This type is called "zinc picolinate." There are other type of zinc supplements such as zinc citrate and zinc gluconate, but there are not absorb as good as zinc picolinate. If you cannot get zinc picolinate then the next best is zinc gluconate.

The body has many uses for zinc and this can contribute to a deficiency of zinc in the blood for the brain. The body uses zinc for helping,

* in chemical reactions with enzymes * with antioxidants to prevent arteriosclerosis * with DNA to prevent dementia or Alzheimer' * with cells activity * kidneys to maintain acid base balance. * with carbon dioxide removal * make pancreatic enzymes * your liver to detoxify alcohols * and the list goes on and on.

Here are some of the foods to add to your diet to get more zinc.

beef, lamb, cheese, yeasts, oysters, Shrimp, herring, sunflower seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, wheat germ & bran, Mushrooms, Spinach, Squash, Asparagus, Collard Greens, Broccoli ,Chard, Miso, Maple Syrup

Zinc can be toxic in excessive amounts. A safe amount to take is 20 - 25 mg per day. Do not take more than 40 mg per day. Toxic effects are stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea.

Add these foods and zinc picolinate to your diet in an effort to starve off dementia and Alzheimer's. There are a few more special nutrients that you should include in your diet to prevent degradation of your mental thinking.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

abdominal aorta, migraine, bloating, hernia symptom

The abdominal aorta maintains 3 distinct tissue layers, an intima, media, and
adventitia.A normal aorta shows a reduction in medial elastin layers from the
thoracic area to the abdominal portion.

Abdominal migraine is one of the variants of migraine headache. It is also
known by other terms including "periodic syndrome."

Abdominal Bloating or Swelling. Minor bloating of the abdomen for 1–2 weeks
may be due to your diet or eating habits, or the menstrual cycle.

Symptoms of Inguinal hernia including medical symptoms and signs of Inguinal
hernia, symptoms, incubation period, duration, and correct diagnosis for

abdominal aorta
Medical News Summary (summary of medical news story as reported by Newsday):
Nearly half of people who suffer from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm
end up dying. Now a new less invasive endovascular technique is being trialed
for people suffering the condition. In one report, 44 patients with ruptured
aneurysms were treated using the new technique and 85% survived compared to
about 50% in those who have major open surgery. Each year, 50,000 people in
the US have elective surgery to treat abdominal aortic aneurysm and there are
about 50,000 other sufferers who are undiagnosed. Undiagnosed cases face the
risk of sudden bleeding which can be exacerbated when invasive abdominal
surgery begins. The new technique involves threading a tiny tube through
blood vessels where it can then seal off the site of the aneurism which will
stop the bleeding. People at risk of abdominal aneurysms are older men, those
who smoke, have high blood pressure or a family history of the condition.
Diagnosis is through x-rays and sonograms.

abdominal migraine
The prevalence and clinical features of migraine headache and abdominal
migraine were studied in the well defined population of Aberdeen
schoolchildren. Ten per cent of all children (2165) aged 5-15 years were
given a questionnaire inquiring, among other symptoms, about the history of
headache and abdominal pain over the past year. A total of 1754 children
(81%) responded. Children with at least two episodes of severe headache
and/or sever abdominal pain, attributed by the parents either to unknown
causes or to migraine, were invited to attend for clinical interview and
examination. After interview, 159 children fulfilled the International
Headache Society's criteria for the diagnosis of migraine and 58 children had
abdominal migraine giving estimated prevalence rates of 10.6% and 4.1%
respectively. Children with abdominal migraine had demographic and social
characteristics similar to those of children with migraine. They also had
similar patterns of associated recurrent painful conditions, trigger and
relieving factors, and associated symptoms during attacks. The similarities
between the two conditions are so close as to suggest that they have a common

abdominal bloating
Discussing bloating, it is important to distinguish between bloating and
distention. Bloating is the subjective sensation (feeling) that the abdomen
is larger than normal. Thus, bloating is a symptom akin to the symptom of
discomfort. In contrast, distention is the objective determination (physical
finding) that the abdomen is actually larger than normal. Distention can be
determined by such observations as the inability to fit into clothes or
looking down at the stomach and noting that it is clearly larger than normal.
In some instances, bloating may represent a mild form of distention since the
abdomen does not become physically (visibly or measurably) enlarged until its
volume increases by one quart. Nevertheless, bloating should never be assumed
to be the same as distention.

abdominal hernia symptom
There are three ways in which abdominal distention can arise. The causes are
an increase in air, fluid, or tissue within the abdomen. The diseases or
conditions that cause an increase of any of these three factors are very
different from one anther. Therefore, it is important to determine which of
them is distending the abdomen.
There are two types of distention; continuous and intermittent. Continuous
distention may be caused by the enlargement of an intra-abdominal (within the
abdomen) organ, an intra-abdominal tumor, a collection of fluid around the
intra-abdominal organs (ascites), or just plain obesity. Intermittent
distention is usually due to the occasional accumulation of gas and/or fluid
within the stomach, small intestine, or colon.
There has been increasing interest within the European sports medicine
community regarding the etiology and treatment of groin pain in the athlete.
Groin pain is most commonly caused by musculotendinous strains of the
adductors and other muscles crossing the hip joint, but may also be related
to abdominal wall abnormalities. Cases may be termed "pubalgia" if physical
examination does not reveal inguinal hernia and there is an absence of other
etiology for groin pain. We present nine cases of patients who underwent
herniorrhaphies for groin pain. Two patients had groin pain without evidence
of a hernia preoperatively (pubalgia). In the remaining seven patients we
determined the presence of a hernia by physical examination. At operation,
eight patients were found to have inguinal hernias. One patient had no hernia
but had partial avulsion of the internal oblique fibers from their insertion
at the public tubercle. The average interval from operation to return to full
activity was 11 weeks. All patients returned to full activity within 3 months
of surgery. One patient had persistent symptoms of mild incisional
tenderness, but otherwise there were no recurrences, complications, or
persistence of symptoms. Abnormalities of the abdominal wall, including
inguinal hernias and microscopic tears or avulsions of the internal oblique
muscle, can be an overlooked source of groin pain in the athlete. Operative
treatment of this condition with herniorrhaphy can return the athlete to his
sport within 3 months.

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