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A regular bowel movements and of periodic colon detoxification, keeps large intestine free of toxin, and no feel of fatigueness, stomach pain etc..
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Colon Cleanse: The Advantages Of Using Psyllium

One of the most effective methods for colon cleansing is through the intake of dietary fibers. Natural fibers in food are of two categories, insoluble and soluble. The fibers add bulk to the waste matter in the intestine and help the intestine maintain regular bowel movement. Psyllium is the safest and widely accepted fiber for colon cleansing.

Insoluble Fibers
Wheat bran and other fibers made up of cellulose are insoluble in water. Water insoluble fibers cannot help in lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body, unlike water soluble fibers.

Water Soluble FibersPsyllium has water-soluble fibers, as does oat bran and pectin. Psyllium can absorb water like a sponge, which helps it to add bulk to the matter inside the colon.

Psyllium: The Magic Remedy for Colon Disorders

1) Psyllium, apart from flushing out fecal matter, also flushes out cholesterol, thus lowering the harmful levels of cholesterol in the body.

2) Another advantage of using psyllium for colon cleanse is that it helps prevent diseases like colon cancer.

3) Psyllium helps ease chronic symptoms like diarrhea, colitis and constipation.

4) If you are on a fast while undergoing a colon cleanse program, psyllium can help reduce the hunger pangs, as it makes the digestive system feel full.

5) Inside the colon, psyllium bulks up and cleans out the colon by absorbing harmful chemicals inside it.

6) Psyllium regulates bowel movements and eases cases of alternate diarrhea and constipation. It is milder than chemical laxatives that cause diarrhea if taken in stronger doses.

7) Psyllium promotes the growth of friendly bacteria like Lactobacillus acidophilus in the body. These bacteria are generally present in the human digestive tract since childhood, but may be destroyed through antibiotics and bad dietary habits.

8) Psyllium is beneficial for diabetics, since it regulates the level of blood glucose by slowing down the absorption of food in the intestine. It increases the secretion of enzymes by the pancreas.

Drinking the husk of psyllium dissolved in water or warm milk (optionally, you can add honey or maple syrup to taste) is one of the best methods of colon cleanse. Psyllium is a natural colon-cleansing agent and has no side effects. It is no wonder that people across the world have taken to psyllium as a remedy for bowel disorders and a method for achieving a healthy and clean digestive system.

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