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A regular bowel movements and of periodic colon detoxification, keeps large intestine free of toxin, and no feel of fatigueness, stomach pain etc..
Friday, February 02, 2007

Mercury Poisoning and EDTA Oral Chelation

Mercury is a ill-intentioned neurotoxin commonly found in common texts - from burning up aquatic to bleached cover and maquillage. Behind lead, mercury is the second most common gold toxin and both can pose inordinate physical and mental fitness hitches. Learning problems, developing postponement and behavior glitches are accompanying to lead, mercury and other busy iron exposure. A 2000 version by the National Academy of Sciences specified that toxic biochemical and another environmental component cause nearby 3% of all changing and neurological confusion in the United States.

Mercury and dense brass toxicity can root or be false for established conditions such as downturn, fibromyalgia, autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, and a host of new thoughtful syndrome. Children are especially open to heavy metallic exposure. Even small aggregate of lead, mercury and extra hefty metals can pose a warning to a youngster's developing brain.

Physical symptoms of mercury toxicity include:
- Mood swings.
- Depression and/or fretfulness.
- "Brain fog."
- Chronic impurity.
- Food dislike.
- Migraines and/or annoyance.
- Gastrointestinal complaints.
- Visual commotion.
- Chronic condition.
- Chronic weight or soft paper handkerchief pain.

If you have been diagnosed with a prolonged physical or mental vigor condition, discuss oral chelation with your healthcare career. Removing mercury and additional frenetic metals through a cleaning activity can seriously improve symptoms, or abolish the symptoms altogether.

Oral chelation therapy is widely used for onerous titanium detoxification. EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid) is the most commonly used chelator for deep stainless steel purification. EDTA confer itself to viscous metals and carries the metals from the body. EDTA is safe and FDA-approved for delight lead poisoning and toxicity from further opaque metals. A characteristic EDTA oral chelation procedure will target mercury, lead, sulfur, zinc, plus a new lots or so noxious hectic metals surrounded deep within the forum, hankie and bones.

Detoxification is the "upstream" slant to addressing confirmed strength undertakings. Detoxification delete the root foundation of the problematic instead of minimally addressing the symptoms. In traditional shape care, symptoms are often addressed wasted curative painkiller, which can more add to the body's toxicity.

After emptying to body of profound metals and fresh toxins through chelation treatment, duck forthcoming exposure to grave metals is critical.

First, avoid "shiny" amalgamation wadding and mull over take the place of silvery padding with dishes supplies. The saucers is not as durable as amalgam bulk but they are more pretty and on the mend. Silver (mix) innards confine something like 50 percent mercury by heaviness. Research schoolwork show that even small sum of mercury can damage the common sense and internal body part and suppress the protected arrangement. The World Health Organization reports that the per diem intake of mercury from combination contents exceeds the combined intake of all mercury consumed from food, water and air. A findings of humanoid autopsies found a concentrated correlation between the number of hoary stuffing and the amount of mercury found in the understanding. Mercury is a purported grounds of Alzheimer's Disease.

Second, demand thimerosal-free injection when inoculate an kid. Thimerosal is a mercury-based conserving used in inoculation. For every single preparation that take in thimerosal, there is at smallest one thimerosal-free brand. A mounting aggregate of evidence links thimerosal to neurodevelopmental disarray, growing holdup, behavior difficulties, autism and Attention Deficit Disorder and behavior complications.

Also avoid intense bottom-feeder seafood like lobster, oysters and oyster that may hold back contaminated neck and neck of mercury. Tuna, mackerel, and swordfish cover the premier levels of mercury of all fish.

Mercury, lead and more environmental factors are everywhere - in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the sea we glug. You valor not be able to completely avoid all exposure but you can constraint your exposure.

To maintain condition and amputate toxins, cleanse the body year after year with oral chelation treatment. Between detoxifications, maintain a regular bodybuilding attire. Sweat release toxins from the body so any keep fit program that origin you to holiday a perspiration will clean the body and increase the excepted structure.


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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Why Constipation Is Too Dangerous To Ignore

There is probably no condition that goes raw as often as constipation. Nor is there any condition that happen with better overall occurrence than constipation. While the indication of constipation are rather mild and tend to be limited to: difficulty fleeting stool, hard or dry stool, and infrequent bowel appointments. In more severe casing, constipation may also include nausea, severe abdominal or worse back pain, and even bloody stool.

Constipation is a very common condition because it can be caused by a outsized number of influence. In the vast mainstream of situation, poor diet and a lack of physical workout are held to be the cause of the constipation-and where not the tangible cause, at smallest instrumental issue. Dairy products, fatty foods, alcohol, and caffeine are just a few of the products we use up that can lead to constipation snags. Chronic constipation is a real possibility when indecorous diet and poor existence have been steady descendants.

Common Constipation Causes

While chronic constipation difficulties are mostly the calculation of poor diet and way of life, pro tem constipation can be caused by a host of element. A serious night of eating can cause dehydration which will mark in hard, dry stool. A new pain prescription or antidepressant may also lead to orderliness hitches. Stress is a huge cause of constipation and one of the big reasons for its regularity. Simply suppression bowel program (a common cause of youthful constipation) can lead to infrequency. But, while all of these things and more may lead to short-lived constipation, the good news is that it will go away once the cause has been addressed. It is chronic constipation problems that are the real cause for enterprise as they can be a sign of a much larger and potentially more treacherous medical young.

Medical Conditions That Cause Constipation

Chronic constipation is a tricky in and of itself because it can cause bacteria and poison to body up in the body because stool is not nature clear from from the body. In time, these bacteria will station throughout the body via the household watercourse and cause infections and other medical teething troubles. Septicemia may findings so that the entire body is fighting infections in multiple spot and bereavement may be doable without drug can help the untouchable organization recapture curb. Aside from this, chronic constipation is a unruly because it often signals the presence of another medical installment.

Diabetes is a condition where the body is incompetent to correctly adjust family glucose parallel with the ground via insulin. A side power of diabetes is dryness which then flying start to the constipation which is often present with diabetes. Proper remedy will reduce the background glucose spikes and reduce dryness but it may still be necessary to hydrate more than standard to prevent constipation glitches from be the result of.

In addendum to diabetes, present are a number of neurological surroundings that cause constipation complications. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, pat, and vertebral cord injuries have all been known to cause constipation. But unlike diabetes where the constipation is caused by dehydration, this is not the case with neurological turmoil. Instead, the constipation arises due to the head not provision the exact signals to strength in the bowels and tummy pamphlet.

In sequence for the body to have normal bowel whereabouts, Peristaltic Action is necessary. Peristaltic Action is the natural society within the body that get behind food from the stomach into the viscera. Afterwards, the action press the unused from the intestines through the appendix and out the rectum. When signals from the mind are not sent or customary appropriately, Peristaltic Action will not occur properly and constipation is the outcome. Even though the medications to luxury neurological unrest may aid in the transmission of the signals, they may still cause constipation due to dryness.

Chronic constipation, however, is most often the end result of poor diet or a obstruction in the abdominal leaflet. A stumbling block, or fecal impaction, is caused when the feces that clings to the walls of the anus and intestines size up to the usefulness of causing an obstruction. When this befall, excess will not pass beyond the fecal impaction and pressure will start off to form on the belly and junior back. If the bare is not evacuated from the body in a timely technique, the kindred rivulet will instigate to reabsorb the bacteria present in the fallow. This will lead to a undefined weakening of the entire safe coordination and time out your body susceptible to defilement and ailment. If the snarl is not separated and too much discarded backbone up, a enormous infection will get down to to rage in the body and a mien will develop septicemia. Death is a very real probability once septicemia has begun.

Eating a diet rich in grit will help prevent the onset of chronic constipation. Fiber support add bulk to stool while also drawing water into the digestive strip and softening stool in the process. Fiber will help keep the gastric article sharp but it will not help cut off the manure close-fitting to the sides of the rectum and innards. Therefore, the potential for yet to come blockages and chronic constipation remain.

One of the surest ways to reduce chances for imminent blockages is to like clockwork employ a pancreas cream. A bile duct detergent will not only throw out current blockages, it will also help prevent coming ones as well. This is because a large intestine cleanser will also help take away the muck clingy to the walls and thus reduce chances for upcoming fecal impactions. However, it is important to think of that the colon cold cream should be made with all natural components. Colon cleaner that are not made will all natural fixings may restrain bleak biochemical that may lead to dehydration or other harmful side things.

While short term constipation will forever be a aspect that family have to put yourself forward with, it is all in all not severe and mind to go away once the cause has been addressed. Chronic constipation may be the gesture of a more quiet medical condition like diabetes or the product of a fecal impaction. Because it is much more prone a fecal impaction causing the problem, it is critical to eat a diet rich in structure and to use an all natural intestine cleansing cream periodically to prevent chronic constipation and the shape up of bacteria that can cause more stern fitness teething troubles.


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Monday, January 29, 2007

How To Choose EDTA Chelation Therapy Before Undergoing

Chelation therapy is the use of chelating agents to remove heavy metal ions from the body. Chelation (pronounced Kee la shun) therapy started during World War I when poison gas (Lewisite) affected soldiers were treated with a chelating agent Dimercapol also known as British Anti Lewisite (BAL). BAL had severe and painful side effects but was the only known antidote for the arsenic based poison gas at that time.

With the advancement in medicines many chelating agents were developed in the US, USSR and England which do not have as severe side effects as BAL. There are other chelating agents which have been developed to nullify the effects of harmful metallic ions. Some of them are:

BAL : British Anti Lewisite EDTA : Dietheylene triamine pentaacetic acid DMSA : Dimercaptosuccinic acid DMPS : Dimercapto-propane sulfonate ALA : Alpha lipoic acid Ca Na2 -EDTA : Calcuium disodium versante D-Penicillamine Deferosamine Deferoxamine

Chelation therapy is conventionally used for treatment of heavy metal poisoning like mercury, arsenic, plutonium, lead and iron, (as in thalassemia). It is only used in acute cases where the poisoning is so high as to justify chelation therapy. The chelating agents are treated orally or intravenously or intramuscularly depending on the type of poisoning. Chelation therapy is also used for treatment of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), autism caused by mercury by alternative medicine practitioners but the efficacy of chelation therapy is not proven for these ailments. Chelation therapy involves undergoing 20 to 50 infusions depending on the type of patient.

Chelating agents work by forming a water soluble compound with the harmful metal ions in the blood. This water soluble compound flows through the blood stream and is cleaned by kidneys and the liver.

It has been claimed widely that Chelation therapy is efficacious in treatment of people with fatty buildups of plaque in their arteries (atherosclerosis). Atherosclerosis is the main cause of heart attack and stroke where in fatty deposits in the arteries constrict the arteries. Calcium is a constituent of this fatty deposit. Chelation therapists claim that the chelating agents remove the calcium from the deposit and thus the artery gets cleared. However the problem with this theory is that the chelating agent cannot penetrate the cell wall and get to the calcium deposit. Further the chelating agent has more affinity for other ions than for calcium.

The proponents of chelation therapy like American College for Advancement of Medicine ACAM (a private organization) and few parent organizations have widely supported Chelation therapy. One example of successful use of chelation therapy is of Mr.Harold Mc Cluskey a nuclear worker who had been poisoned by americium and was later treated successfully by chelation therapy. Further high sulfur foods like onions, garlics, seaweeds etc,. are being used as "chelating agents" due to folklore. MSM and NAC have also been used as sulfur supplements.

However they are not chelating agents as the double bond with the metal ion is not involved and these compounds have mono thiols whereas chelating agents have di-thiols. The opponents of chelation therapy have pointed to the dangers of chelation therapy like hypocalcaemia and mainstream medicine has rejected the claims of chelation therapists. Caution is advised before undergoing chelation therapy.


posted on 8:03 PM

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