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A regular bowel movements and of periodic colon detoxification, keeps large intestine free of toxin, and no feel of fatigueness, stomach pain etc..
Sunday, March 18, 2007

Flushing It All Out: The Benefits Of Bowel Colon Cleansing

I’ve recently discovered a great new way to improve my health. It’s called colon cleansing.

We often hear that health is wealth. While some may think that happiness comes from financial wealth, life will be no fun unless your body is feeling fine.

There are many ways to maintain, or regain, your health. Exercise is important. It doesn’t really matter what you do: running, walking, bicycling, climbing, martial arts, tennis, or any other sport that you are enthusiastic about. ‘Just do it’ seriously, as the experts say, at least 3 times a week. This will help your health a lot.

There are several other important factors for good health. Proper breathing is one. Proper sleep and proper diet are 2 other factors that are important to good health. These things are all, more or less, natural, or so it would seem.

But I find that many people today are not aware of how to keep up with even these ‘natural’ parts of life. As important as they are, these topics will have to wait for other articles.

Today I want to talk about a more unusual, but very important, aspect of personal health and hygiene: colon cleansing. Many people seem to accept constipation and are not aware of the importance of regular bowel movements, and of periodic colon cleansing, to remove the waste matter that has somehow ‘stuck’ around inside of us, maybe for years.

Some health experts will tell you that constipation is the root of a very large percentage of diseases, from headaches to cancer, as well as obesity.

There are many reasons for constipation. Some of the most common reasons are a low fiber diet, lack of water intake, lack of exercise and overeating.

These and other habits lead to a clogged colon, a colon that doesn’t allow your food and liquid intake to get into the body and do its work.

In a natural, healthy state of being, nature has planned that the colon will eliminate waste material and bacteria and absorb water and mineral salts while maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance. If your colon has too much waste matter lining its walls, then full absorption of nutrition is blocked and the colon creates extra toxins that spread across the body through the absorbed fluids.

So, a double whammy happens. You let a lot of toxins into your body and as well, only a small amount of the needed nutrition from your food can enter into your bloodstream and give you the vitamins, minerals and other nutritives that you need. Thus, among many other problems, you may find that you have to eat much more than a ‘clean colon’ person does, to supply your body with the required nutrition.

But never fear. There is a way out. In fact there are many ways out.

Periodic fasting is useful. A popular yogic fasting method calls for fasting 2 times a month, for 24 hours. This may be with water or juice, or it may be a dry, fast. Either way, it gives your intestines a rest and, when properly done, helps to cleanse the bowels.

An important part of this method is to finish your fast with a good amount of water, ideally with lemon and salt added, before eating any solid food.

Another method that is rightfully gaining popularity is colon cleansing.

There are numerous ways to do this. In many cities you can find therapists who specialise in colon cleansing. One can also ‘do it yourself’ with products of herbal origin, such as senna, cascara sagrada, psyllium and others that you can explore online or through consulting a health therapist.

My own experience proves that it’s well worth any effort. I’ve found that I enjoy every aspect of life better, now that I’ve found out how to keep myself internally cleansed and thus healthy. So, if you would like to get similar benefits, try colon cleansing.


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